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This story could start “once upon a time there were a little man, passion and a lot of coffee beans”. That’s all. I’m Michele and I’m a micro roaster.

Hi, I’m Michele, a roaster in micro dimension in all senses. In 2014 I have approched to coffee, a beverage which has always fascinated me, but that has literally kidnapped me, thanks to the “Third Wave”, a cultural movement that raises coffee to a sensorial experience and promotes it as an high quality craft product.
I don’t think I am 100% trained considering the complexity of this matter, but I am certainly well informed about all the manufacturing processes of this fantastic plant, from its cultivation, processing and selection, to the artisan roasting, which I personally take care in my lab in Candelù, up to the preparation in the cup to enhance the characteristics of the coffee and its aroma in Espresso and, why not, in filter coffee.
All my production process is not overlooking to sustainability. I am committed and I am looking for green coffee producers who respect the values of the fair trade market.

I await you here to talk about coffee in front of a caffettin

Beyond a nice conversation on coffee world I can help you to:

  • start-up a specialty coffee shop
  • develop your roasting profiles
  • organize training and coffee courses
  • host your promotional events

Let’s talk and study a partnership together

Consegna gratuita in Italia sopra i 60€ di ordine