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Brazil Capricornio 250 g. beans


Specialty coffee from Brazil in beans

Type: Arabica
Area of cultivation: Sorocabana – San Paolo
Farmer: Coop. Capricornio
Altitude: 1.000mt
Processing: sun-dried (natural)
Aromatic notes: dried fruit, caramel and chocolate
Grams: 250 g
This coffee exceeds SCA score of 80/100





Capricornio owes its name to the stars, and more precisely to the Tropic of Capricorn, under which the plantation where this coffee is grown is located. Many would argue that this is far from ideal as it is far from the equator. However, growing the coffee berries in a less intense climate allows you to control the development of the unique acidity we appreciate in this blend of red and yellow Bourbon cherries.

A coffee that can be defined velvety, with notes of milk chocolate and nuts and which has a sweetness reminiscent of raisins. Recommended and roasted for Espresso shot, it’s also suitable for the preparation of cappuccino and latte.

The farm is made up of 12 small farmers. The owners Luiz Saldanha and José Antonio Rezende have revitalized the Paraná region of Brazil, which once produced low quantities of even low quality coffee. Through the years, they have managed to create a unique flavor while simultaneously developing innovations in terms of environmental sustainability, such as efficient water treatment and reduction of CO2 emissions.

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Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions14 × 12 × 41 cm