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Costa Rica Tres Milagros Natural 250 g. beans



The Tres Milagros farm has been owned by the Facusse family for 55 years. From the beginning the company has been grown in Bourbon and Catuai, producing excellent coffees with the characteristics of the Dota-Tarrazu region. By 2011, Mr. Camilo Merizalde and the Facusse family have decided to create a truly unique specialty coffee program, applying all the experience of Finca Santuario Colombia. New varieties were planted; Geisha, Heirloom, Tipica, F1, Villa Sarchi and many others. Today Tres Milagros has several processes to produce exceptional specialty coffees. Camilo Merizalde and Mauricio Facusse had been friends since college, maintaining a very close relationship which led to the creation of this stunning coffee project.