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El Salvador La Providencia 200 g. grounded


Specialty coffee from El Salvador grounded

Type: Arabica
Variety: red bourbon
Area of cultivation: Santa Ana
Farmer: Cafè Pacas
Altitudie: 1.800m
Processing: sun-dried
Aromatic notes: tamarind, grapes, chocolate
Grams: 200 g
This coffee exceeds SCA score of 80/100





Providencia is owned by CAFÉ PACAS which has been working in coffee for 5 generations. Café Pacas is constantly working on the conservation of the ground and water of its plantation. The family is investing more and more in the area for improving it, with an intense renewal of its coffee and shade plants using high quality varieties such as red Bourbon, Pacas and pacamara; these coffees continue to improve through innovative methods of cultivation.

Michele’ suggestion: I met Alfredo Pacas and I got to understand his working philosophy made of research and innovation in all his coffees.

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Weight0.20 kg
Dimensions14 × 12 × 41 cm