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Mexico Eduardo Esteve 250 g. beans


Specialty coffee from Mexico in beans

Type: Arabica

Variety: F1

Area of cultivation: Guadalupe Zaju, Chiapas

Altitude: 1.350 m.s.l.m.

Producer: Eduardo Esteve

Processing technique: natural

Aromatic notes: dates, cinnamon and caramel

Grams: 250 g

This coffee overalls the SCA score of 80/100


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Eduardo Esteve and Camilo Merizalde of Santuario Project teamed up 4 years ago to create a unique specialty coffee project all over the world. This superb coffee comes from the center of the Santuario-Guadalupe Zaju process in Chiapas in southern part of Mexico. Guadalupe Farm has been in Mr. Esteve’s family for nearly 40 years and produces excellent Mexican coffees.
Coffee cherries are washed with clean water. The floaters are separated. The coffee cherries are soaked in water for 12 hours and the coffee then placed on African beds for 14 days until it reaches 18% humidity.
Once the coffee reaches 10.5% humidity it is taken to the warehouse for final stabilization (about 4 days).
The coffee is finally packed in grain pro bags to enhance the flavors.
Michele’ suggestion: Eduardo and Camillo are really well recognized people in the coffee community and have created really interesting and well-prepared coffees.