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Perù Cipizù 200 g. grounded


Specialty coffee from Perù grounded

Type: Arabica
Variety: Catimor, Catuy, Gran Colombia
Area of cultivation: Oxapampa (Pasco)
Farmer: 7Elements Perù
Altitude: 1.990mt
Processing: washed
Aromatic notes: bitter orange, flower, green apple and cocoa
Grams: 200 g
This coffee exceeds SCA score of 80/100





This specialty coffee contains many of the elements of the 7 Elements philosophy: strong connection with the territory and a close relationship with its farmers. This coffee is grown on Cipizu hill, in the anonymous area of the Tsachopen community by Miguel Berastegui and Hector “gringo” Bottger, two farmers who live and work on the hill together with their families. We have blended these two micro batches because they share the same peculiar and distinct microclimatic, ground and culture conditions that distinguish them from the rest of the Tsachopen lots: in particular, the cultivation of a very limited number of varieties mixed together on the ground, Catimor, Catuy , Gran Colombia, mainly shaded by a large forest plantation of American pine and American cypress (grown for wood) which, due to their ecological characteristics, significantly affect the pH and biochemistry of the ground. The Cipizu hill also, due to the exposure and presence of a large “quebrada” (stream), has a much cooler microclimate than the average Tsachopen and a deeper, less stony and sand-rich soil

Michele’suggestion: a contact arrived through social network, thanks to which I was able to get to know this beautiful permaculture project of a small cooperative of indigenous natives of Peru. Thanks to 7 Elements who presented me with this method of planning and managing the territory based on 3 ethics: care of the ground, attention for people and fair trade.

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