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Rwanda Karndwi 200 g. grounded


Specialty coffee from Rwanda grounded

Type: Arabica
Variety: Red Bourbon
Area of cultivation: Ngoma district, Eastern Province
Altitude: 1500 – 1850 m
Processing: Washed
Aromatic notes: Cherry, lime, yellow fruit
Grams: 200 g
This coffee exceeds SCA score of 80/100





Rwanda, an East African state, borders several countries and has a temperate climate despite its equatorial location due to its altitude. The country is known for coffee cultivation, which began in the 1930s during the Belgian colonial period. Currently, the coffee industry provides employment for about 400,000 people, with a production of about 27,000 tons.

Despite worldwide recognition of the quality of Rwanda’s coffee, the country remains one of the poorest, with challenges related to desertification, agricultural overexploitation, deforestation, and limited infrastructure.

Agriculture, once predominant, declined significantly after 1994.

As much as the government has worked to develop infrastructure, Rwanda remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with coffee production, however, growing and gaining international recognition.